Sound Control v1.00 – An Alternative Freeware Windows Sound Mixer And Volume Control Applet Has Been Released

Sound Control v1.00 the freeware replacement Windows Sound Mixer and Volume Control applet supporting hot keys, on screen display, Winamp and more has now been released. Changes in this version include:

  • Added – Beep when hot key pressed option
  • Added – Configurable Hot keys
  • Added – Extra Large On Screen Display option
  • Added – Help file (including list of hot keys)
  • Added – Hot Key for Line-In Mute
  • Added – Hot Keys for Line-In
  • Added – Hot keys for Mute, Winamp Next, Winamp Previous and Winamp Pause
  • Added – On Screen Display
  • Added – Single click on tray icon to display standard master volume adjustment window
  • Added – Sound Mixer button to Options
  • Fixed – On Screen Display – No More Jumping Around
  • Fixed – On Screen Display taking focus
  • Fixed – Problem with Volume hot keys not working on some setups
  • Fixed – Problem with Volume hot keys not working on some setups (again)
  • Optimised – Executable
  • Removed – Line In support due to localisation issues (sorry)
  • Removed – Master Volume Large Increase due to not used/duplication
  • Removed – Sound Control Plus Professional Advert
  • Updated – Double click on tray icon displays standard mixer
  • Updated – Volumes changes now in 1% increments

Download: This version is no longer available. Look in Current Downloads for the most recent release.

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