TICK v1.10 – A Freeware Windows Dial Up Enhancer Has Been Released

TICK v1.10 probably the ultimate freeware dial up enhancer for Windows featuring logging, on screen display, tools and more has now been released. Changes in this version include:

This release is recommended for users with Windows NT4/95/98/ME. For newer Operating Systems see TICK v1.17.  It has been reported that v1.17 works on older operating systems (except Windows 95) with no major issues so unless you are using Windows 95 you may want to give TICK v1.17 a try instead.
  • Updated – Contact / Web details
  • Added – Support for up to 100 connectoids
  • Added – Support for up to 75 costings
  • Added – Support for up to 50 further detail costings
  • Added – Support for up to 15 POP3/Ping/Fingers

If you are using Windows Vista / Windows 7 you need to read the compatibility notes article for important information.

You could read the support page whilst you download?

Download TICK v1.10

Download TICK v1.10

MD5: a970133e098a7045e71d10844ece5af2

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