After Running The Application Missing DLL / Common Control Errors Are Displayed?

This error is usually displayed when you have not installed the latest patches and updates from Microsoft for your Operating System. The following updates are generally the minimum required to ensure the applications will run with no DLL errors. You should ensure you only install an update that is required for your Operating System. For example, the Dial Up Networking update is for Windows 95 only it is not required for other Operating Systems. Newer Operating Systems generally do not require any additional patches or updates for the applications to run. Links to available updates can also be found below.

Windows 95 / 98 / NT4: The Common Controls Update is required refer to Related Links section below.
Windows 95: Dial Up Networking v1.3 Update (no longer officially available)
Windows 95: Winsock v2 Update (no longer officially available)
Windows 95: Winsock v2 and DUN v1.3 Year 2000 Update (no longer officially available)

Windows NT4 Workstation
Service Pack 6
rasapi.dll: Ensure you have a My Computer – Dial Up Networking icon.  If not install Dial Up Networking from the Windows NT installation media – rasapi.dll should then be installed.

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