Why Is The Next Version Of Sound Control Taking So Long To Release?

Before the next public version of Sound Control can be released it needs to be tested by a wider audience. In return for using the latest version of the application before anyone else you provide feedback to the author of any problems that you may experience using the new version.

If you think you would like to try out the new version of Sound Control before a public release and are prepared to give feedback even if it is just a simple everything works for me message please contact us and you will be provided with download details. Existing BETA testers should receive details by the end of the day – if you have not contact us.

If you use Sound Control in any of the following areas this BETA test will be of particular interest as other BETA testers have either reported problems in these areas or enhancements have been made to these areas and confirmation of whether problems exist or have been fixed are needed.

If you can consistently reproduce any of these or new problems please contact us so we can work on the problem and hopefully track down and fix the problem.

Areas where feedback is required:

  • New Features:
    • Listing only mixers that are supported (are your working mixers still appearing?)
    • Formatting of Song Title in On Screen Display (are song titles still displayed correctly?)
    • Option to leave Pause/Mute on screen until next operation
    • Option to automatically unmute/loud at next volume adjustment
    • Common List Index Out Of Bounds error solved (does Sound Control work when it hasn’t in the past?)
    • Better handling and resetting of hot keys (are your hot keys still working?)
  • Reported Problems:
    • Show Song Title In On Screen Display no longer working on some setups
    • Synchronisation with external mixers no longer working on some setups
    • Blank lines are included in the Mixer list and do not control any volumes on some setups
    • Load Default Volumes At Startup no longer working on some setups (works fine if you then restart Sound Control just not at Windows startup?)
    • Some On Screen Display functions display No Translation Found on some setups
    • Duplicate startup entries after installing new version
    • Windows 7 even running in compatibility mode no longer supports Sound Control
    • Windows Vista now has some support by default but testers are reporting success depends on version (e.g. Home, Home Premium) and possibly dependant on support from you sound card drivers
    • When using Vista/Windows 7 with v2.15 volume is adjusted but v2.45+ does work (ensure associated volume adjustment works it is not just displaying a standard list of mixers)
    • Creative Soundblaster X-Fi range of cards have reported problems if you are interested in trying to solve these so Sound Control works with this range of cards please contact us
  • Requested BETA Tester Features (for information only – not implemented yet):
    • Ability to remove details or better control (formatting) what is displayed on the On Screen Display
    • Support for Multimedia and Enhanced keys found on some keyboards
    • Support for hot keys to use mouse wheel

A full list of changes can be found in the History file that is installed with Sound Control. You can view this file by selecting the History shortcut from the Start menu in the same folder where you installed Sound Control.