General Site And Software Update

The site has had a general overhaul with the backend software updated to the latest version and an enhanced design developed that results in a wider page size, the menus moving from the right hand side of the screen to the left hand side and other major & minor tweaks.  The RSS feed functionality has been greatly improved and an email subscription option is now also available.  If you wish to subscribe use the standard icons found to the right hand side of the header at the top of each page.   These changes will hopefully result in a better overall experience to visitors to the site if you have any feedback contact us. [11 July 2009 – The email subscription option has been removed]

The next BETA version of Sound Control continues to progress well.  Several further volunteers have been added to the growing list of BETA testers but few have actually fed back any bugs or status reports which is continuing to delay things.  It hopefully means everything is working.  When the next BETA is released to testers we are optimistic further useful reports will be received.  If you are interested in becoming a BETA tester please contact us as it should greatly speed up the whole process and lead to a live release sooner rather than later.