General Software And Tools Update

Due to time constraints and new work commitments it is now unlikely the new v3.00 series of BETA’s of Sound Control will be released soon. For users who wish to use the latest v2.00 series release, details of how to download Sound Control v2.48 BETA is still available to anyone via the contact us page.

This BETA seems to have been well received, with several users providing constructive feedback. Generally it is well worth the update if you are experiencing problems running Sound Control v2.15 on Windows Vista/7 machines or even if you are using older operating systems as some of the long standing niggles have also been addressed.

The popular Password / Wireless Key Generator tool (available in the Knowledge Base) has recently been updated with the following enhancements:

  • Added predefined lengths for WEP/WPA and WPA2
  • Presentation of generated passwords updated so can copy and paste easier
  • Fixed layout issues when generating longer length passwords
  • Increased maximum length of passwords from 64 characters to 256 characters.