Please Show Your Support For Future Freeware Software Releases By Following Us On Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Developing and supporting software is a very time consuming and an often thankless task so it would be appreciated if you, your friends and/or colleagues can show your support for Sound Control and/or TICK and/or our other web based tools (together with future new versions) by visiting the links below to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and following us.

Remember our valuable free time is invested in supporting and developing the freeware software you are using so give something back by helping to spread the word of the quality freeware applications available on the site.

It is hoped that work on the current BETA version of Sound Control can be resumed soon, the addition and completion of existing and further multiple part How To articles and further web based tools if an appropriate amount of support can be shown. The next release of Sound Control is undergoing a near complete rewrite to predominately simplify and modernise the user interface together with implementing several of the most popular user suggestions that have been received over the years.

If you have a Facebook account please join with us as a fan, if you have a Twitter account please follow us and if you have a YouTube account please join our channel. Facebook and Twitter are currently live and it is hoped appropriate support and demonstration videos of our software will be added to the YouTube channel in the near future.

You can use the buttons below or they are available in the right hand menu area of all pages. If you have any queries or problems do not hesitate to Contact Us.


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