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Why Is The Next Version Of Sound Control Taking So Long To Release?

Before the next public version of Sound Control can be released it needs to be tested by a wider audience. In return for using the latest version of the application before anyone else you provide feedback to the author of any problems that you may experience using the new version. If you think you would like to try out the new version of Sound Control before a public release and are prepared to give feedback even if it is just a simple everything works for me message please contact us and [...]
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New Version Of Sound Control Released To BETA Testers

The next version of Sound Control has been released to the BETA testers that contacted us.  This is a major release with many outstanding problems fixed and several general enhancements.  If you still want to participate in this early BETA phase before a more public release please contact us and you will be provided with download [...]
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Sound Control Update and Essential Windows Vista Compatibility News

Work is continuing on a new release of Sound Control. There will be some new functionality and many bug fixes so more BETA testers are required. If you understand the idea of BETA testing and have some spare time to give a release a try on your configuration and provide feedback please contact us. When the BETA is ready to be downloaded you will be emailed with details. Thanks to some feedback by a user Sound Control can now be used to control volumes in Windows Vista. If you want to [...]
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Happy 10th Birthday To Really Effective

It is quite unbelievable that TICK was released to the public 28 August 1998 and Sound Control on 11 July 1999 and both applications are still going strong. Since their first release there have been over a hundred thousand downloads of both applications and they have been featured in newspapers, magazines and some of the most popular software news sites.  A big thank you to all our users for supporting the applications. When the applications were initially launched they had a modern user [...]
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We Are Back And With A New Site Design

After an extended break, some effort has been spent on a brand new and more modern design for the site. Unfortunately both Sound Control and TICK have not had an update for quite some time now.  No promises and it depends how involved it becomes but I am hoping to release updates soon starting with Sound Control and if the update is well received it will be followed by a new version of TICK.  The new versions will be made available via the new Current Downloads feature, first as BETA [...]
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