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Thank You And Goodbye

After many years of success I have made the decision that due to personal reasons I have unfortunately decided the current version of TICK and Sound Control will be the last. With regret, this means Vista operating system support will not be implemented. The web site will remain open for the time being and support questions will still be read and answered if time permits. I am not totally discounting future versions but I currently do not have the energy, time, willpower or interest to [...]
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Recent Server Problems Update

Regular visitors have no doubt noticed that over the past couple of weeks the site has been experiencing difficulties. These problems started when the host company decided to migrate my account to a new server without my knowledge. This then involved me updating the domains so they resolved to the new server which causes a couple of days of the server appearing to alternate between up and down whilst these changes were propagated. The problems over the past several days have been caused by [...]
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General Health And Support Update

Unfortunately due to illness the site is currently not being updated. I will continue to answer e-mails when I can and the site will remain open and monitored. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to use the contact details at the top of each [...]
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Email Containing Attachments From Really Effective

Due to the ongoing email bombardment from viruses please remember that Really Effective never sends any emails containing attachments unless they have been explicitly requested or agreed. Many viruses use techniques that gather email addresses from infected machines searching Address Books or recently visited web pages and then randomly falsify emails so it appears they have been sent from a known trusted source. If you receive email that claims to be sent from Really Effective and it contains [...]
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Server Move and General Health Update

Over the weekend the Really Effective web site has moved to a new server. If you experience any problems please use the contact details at the top of each page. I am feeling somewhat better and are gradually trying to build up to full strength. I expect to answer outstanding e-mails by the end of the coming weekend. If you do not get a reply soon please resend your query by selecting Contact Us from the menu. Please remember that emails are answered in my limited spare time so please be [...]
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