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List Of Winamp Compatible Players For Sound Control

The media hot key functionality of Sound Control supports any Winamp compatible player and not just Winamp. A limited set of none Winamp compatible players are also supported see related posts section below. The applications listed below support at least a limited set of functionality which should result in at least the major Next/Previous/Stop/Pause/Play/Fast Forward/Rewind keys being functional. As each compatible player supports a different feature subset other media hot key [...]
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I Am Not Able To Select / Show Connect Speed?

Due to various limitations TICK is not able to support connect speed if you use Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP or above. It is hoped that this limitation will be addressed in a future [...]
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When I Start Sound Control The System Starts To Use 100% CPU Power?

This problem appears to be related to Norton AntiVirus 2002 and Sound Control's Automatically Display Song Title When It Changes option. It has been reported that users of Norton AntiVirus 2001 can run LiveUpdate to download an update so this CPU usage problem does not occur. It is unclear at this stage whether the program causing this problem is NAV2002 or Sound Control. Whilst investigating this problem users of NAV2002 can continue to use Sound Control but the Automatically Display Song [...]
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How Do I Turn Off The Automatic Disconnect Functionality?

If TICK is automatically disconnecting your connection to the Internet you can reset this functionality by setting the four text boxes in the Options - Miscellaneous - Disconnect - Hang Up (Set Use Any Time) to zero - 0. If you plan to be on-line for an extended period of time ensure the Date/Time specified above these settings is corrected after you have [...]
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Sound Control Is Unable To Control Winamp v3 (but works fine in Winamp v2 and v5)?

It is recommend you use Winamp v2 or Winamp v5 as Winamp 3 does not support the programming interface which Sound Control uses to remotely control Winamp. A 3rd Party has developed an add-in (called Winamp 2 Plugin Manager) for Winamp 3 which emulates the functionality of Winamp 2 which Sound Control requires. After installing this add-in Sound Control will have limited control over Winamp 3. Testing was carried out 31 October 2002 if a newer version of Winamp 2 Plugin Manager has been [...]
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