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When I Start Sound Control A User Account Control Confirmation Prompt Is Always Displayed

If you use Windows Vista/7 or you are new to Sound Control please ensure you install Sound Control correctly by reading the Compatibility Notes and/or watching the How To Install Sound Control video. Links can be found to all these articles in the Related Posts section below. Ensure you are using the latest version of Sound Control available in the Current Downloads section. You also need to follow the instructions given on the compatibility notes page. Once you have set the [...]
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Please Show Your Support For Future Freeware Software Releases By Following Us On Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Developing and supporting software is a very time consuming and an often thankless task so it would be appreciated if you, your friends and/or colleagues can show your support for Sound Control and/or TICK and/or our other web based tools (together with future new versions) by visiting the links below to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and following us. Remember our valuable free time is invested in supporting and developing the freeware software you are using so give something back by [...]
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General Software And Tools Update

Due to time constraints and new work commitments it is now unlikely the new v3.00 series of BETA's of Sound Control will be released soon. For users who wish to use the latest v2.00 series release, details of how to download Sound Control v2.48 BETA is still available to anyone via the contact us page. This BETA seems to have been well received, with several users providing constructive feedback. Generally it is well worth the update if you are experiencing problems running Sound Control [...]
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List Of None Winamp Compatible Players For Sound Control

The media hot key functionality of Sound Control now supports a limited set of none Winamp compatible players if using Sound Control v3.00+ (available soon). The applications listed below support a subset of functionality of the media players features and should result in at least the major Next/Previous/Stop/Pause and Play keys being available. If you wish Sound Control to support a new none Winamp compatible player or support further operations of an existing player please contact us to [...]
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Highly Customisable General Password Or WEP / WPA / WPA2 Key Generator Tool

This Password Generator tool has been designed to help you generate random passwords with several customisable options and character groupings. It is accessed via your browser and requires no special browser extensions or plug-ins to operate. The randomness is provided by an number generator based on the Mersenne Twister algorithm. This algorithm was designed to overcome some of the flaws of more commonly used random number generators. Introduction With computers getting more [...]
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