Cumulative TICK Plus Update

TICK Mashup

Development Of TICK Plus Started (13th April 2003)

Development of TICK Plus was started over this weekend period after several months of Analysis and Design. The basics of the new graphical user interface has been completed. The new interface has a more standard/updated feel and has the potential of being themed in Windows XP. Several Alpha and Beta releases will be made over the coming months and functionality in this total rewrite from the ground up will be gradually added as soon as previous features have been confirmed as complete. As my main connection to the Internet is now made through a router expect this release to also support this connection type. If you still use a Dial Up Networking connection don't worry this should also be supported. If you have suggestions/requirements you would like to be considered please ensure you let me know by using the e-mail address at the top of this page.

TICK Plus Progress Update (21st June 2003)

It is hoped an early Beta release will be made available soon which should include basic session logging for both Dial Up Networking and Cable/ADSL Router users. TICK Plus is going to be much more focused on the functionality provided to allow for easier and more frequent updates. If you have any functionality you particularly use in TICK or new features you would like to be considered please provide feedback by using the e-mail address at the end of this page.

TICK Plus Development Progressing Well (19th November 2003)

The full rewrite of TICK is progressing well however slower than expected due to other more important commitments and continued illness. Quality, reliability and ease of updating are the most important factors in future releases which I hope all will agree are essential for success. Several people have contact us to be early Beta testers and a release is due to made in the coming weeks to get initial feedback. The expected release due during November will now be more likely during the Christmas period but if my condition improves this may change. If you want to be considered as a Beta tester please contact us using the e-mail address at the end of this page. If you do not wish to be a Beta tester but still have feedback remember not to hold back and let your opinions known now rather than later.