What Is Our Policy On Older Or End Of Support Cycle Operating Systems?


Here at Really Effective we take pride in trying to release our software for all Windows operating systems since Windows 95 and NT4 even after Microsoft no longer officially offers technical support any more. At the time of writing Windows NT4, 95, 98, 98 Second Edition and Millennium Edition have reached their end of support cycle. This means it is no longer possible to get developer support from Microsoft and many developer tools are no longer supported by their respective manufacturers on these platforms. Although here at Really Effective we will try to continue to support these operating systems it will inevitably result in specific functionality being disabled in future releases for end of support cycle operating systems or at worse the operating system no longer being supported at all. This will unfortunately mean new releases, updates and bug fixes may not work unless you upgrade your operating system. If you have any queries on this policy please contact us or refer to the Related Links section below.