Cumulative Health Update


Temporarily Unavailable Due To Illness (11th March 2004)

Due to illness no e-mails will be answered until further notice. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. A news item will be posted here when everything returns to normal.

General Health Update (16th May 2004)

I am feeling somewhat better and are gradually trying to build up to full strength. I expect to answer outstanding e-mails by the end of the coming weekend. If you do not get a reply soon please resend your query by selecting contact us. Please remember that emails are answered in my limited spare time so please be patient.

General Health And Support Update (16th October 2004)

Unfortunately due to illness the site is currently not being updated. I will continue to answer e-mails when I can and the site will remain open and monitored. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank You And Goodbye (1st December 2007)

After many years of success I have made the decision that due to personal reasons I have unfortunately decided the current version of TICK and Sound Control will be the last. With regret, this means Vista operating system support will not be implemented. The web site will remain open for the time being and support questions will still be read and answered if time permits. I am not totally discounting future versions but I currently do not have the energy, time, willpower or interest to continue these projects. It has been a difficult past few years and I wish to thank all users for their support and past interest in both TICK and Sound Control. When I think back to 1998 when I made the first public release of TICK (as it is called now) and back to 1999 for the first public release of Sound Control I have received great joy from these projects especially in the early years of development. You can still contact us, thank you and goodbye (for now).