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With computers getting more and more powerful each day it is essential when generating a password you never use a word from a dictionary. Modern computers can process huge amounts of data including all words within a dictionary and minor variations in a few minutes. The length and entropy of your password is becoming increasingly important.

For maximum security the passwords are generated locally on your PC using your browser with no special extensions (just JavaScript which is available by default within all modern browsers) so make sure you remember the one you select to use as we do not store or otherwise record them. The randomness is provided by the JavaScript cryptographical library. This algorithm was designed to overcome some of the flaws of more commonly used random number generators.

Enter the length of password and select as many categories of characters as feasible. Adding special characters or punctuation into your password is an effective method of generating a more secure password as this drastically increases the number of permutations possible and reduces the risk of a dictionary attack. Not all systems will support all categories but most systems should support Lower Case, Upper Case, Numbers and Standard Punctuation. If you wish to exclude characters that look similar (e.g. letter l and number 1) ensure you select the Exclude Similar Characters option.

Clicking the Generate button will present three passwords for you to select from. Click the Generate button again for further selections.

Password Generator


* WEP is not secure at any password length and is not recommended

Release History

  • 1st September 2023
    • Updates to support new site functionality
    • Latest cryptographically strong random number generator
    • Summary information with details of character set, algorithm and strength
    • Passwords are now generated locally
    • Full site encryption using https/SSL certificates
  • 14th December 2009
    • Added predefined lengths for WEP/WPA and WPA2
    • Presentation of generated passwords updated so copy and paste is easier
    • Fixed layout issues when generating longer length passwords
    • Increased maximum length of passwords from 64 characters to 256 characters
  • 3rd Sepember 2009
    • Initial public release