Cumulative Operational Update


Newsletter And FAQ Is Launched (25th August 2002)

The new newsletter is now active. Old subscribers should receive an e-mail soon asking them to confirm their subscription. The e-mails asking old subscribers have now been sent. If you have not received one either try resubmitting or send an e-mail to the address below detailing your e-mail address you used to subscribe and we will investigate. The support pages now include facilities to change the application currently being viewed.

Launch Of Support Forums (30th October 2002)

To help reduce the number of e-mails I am receiving so I can concentrate on the development of new releases of TICK, Sound Control and other projects I am pleased to announce the availability of the Support Forums. A separate forum is available for General Support and Suggestions for each application together with a Special Thread detailing Posting Rules. A Guestbook forum is also available so you can express your support and help ensure that Really Effective products stay freeware. If you are a long standing, experienced Sound Control or TICK user and you wish to be considered to be a forum Moderator keep reading. If you have time to spare to check and reply to new messages and follow-ups on a regular / daily basis please let me know together with appropriate details. Details could include number of years you have been a user and other similar qualifications.

Remember Support Forums Are Optional (5th November 2002)

The forum facilities seem to have scared a few people away. If you do not like posting to a forum still feel free to contact us. If you are familiar with using forum software I would appreciated at least a few messages in the Guest Book just to make sure it is working! Remember you can post to the forum anonymously - you do not need to register.

Server Is Currently Down Or Very Slow (11th November 2002)

The server hosting the Really Effective pages is currently experiencing some problems. The host company is investigating and hopefully service will return to normal soon. If the problem is terminal they will be taking the opportunity to upgrade to a new server this will obviously cause an extended outage. The problems seem to be mainly affecting e-mail so for the time being I suggest using the forum until the e-mail service has returned to normal. As Newsletter subscription relies on e-mail you may also experiencing problems receiving confirmation replies.

Server Back Up And Forums Withdrawn (19th November 2002)

After a couple days of downtime I am pleased to announce the site is virtually back up and running apart from a couple of teething problems which should be sorted out soon. Due to the time required to moderate the forums these have been removed for the time being. If you experience any issues do not hesitate to use the e-mail address below and provide details of the problem.

Problems With Newsletter Members Only Area (27th December 2002)

There is currently a problem when trying to access the Newsletter Members Only area (Internal Server Error). There are currently no active member only releases but this problem is currently being investigated by the host company and a fix is hoped for soon.

Newsletter Members Only Area Now Working (13th January 2003)

The Newsletter Members Only area is now working again. It should no longer display Internal Server errors. There are currently no active member only releases but expect some soon.

New Pages For Possible New Applications (15th February 2004)

In preparation of the release of a new software product the Legal documents have been updated (refer to menu to the left for the latest documents). It is planned that the Member Area and an early Beta release of the software product will be made available soon.

Server Move (16th May 2004)

Over the weekend the Really Effective web site has moved to a new server. If you experience any problems please contact us.

Recent Server Problems Update (19th November 2006)

Regular visitors have no doubt noticed that over the past couple of weeks the site has been experiencing difficulties. These problems started when the host company decided to migrate my account to a new server without my knowledge. This then involved me updating the domains so they resolved to the new server which causes a couple of days of the server appearing to alternate between up and down whilst these changes were propagated. The problems over the past several days have been caused by the new server suddenly having some kind of problem which resulted in no scripting being executed causing incomplete or even blank pages being served to visitors. I have since implemented a workaround but the original problem has still not been resolved and the server appears to be sluggish and unreliable at times. Please contact us if you find any problems or if you want to provide feedback on the speed/reliability of the new server.

Tools Update (14th December 2009)

The popular Password / Wireless Key Generator tool (available in the Knowledge Base) has recently been updated with the following enhancements:

  • Added predefined lengths for WEP/WPA and WPA2
  • Presentation of generated passwords updated so can copy and paste easier
  • Fixed layout issues when generating longer length passwords
  • Increased maximum length of passwords from 64 characters to 256 characters.