Happy 10th Birthday To Really Effective


It is quite unbelievable that TICK was released to the public 28 August 1998 and Sound Control on 11 July 1999 and both applications are still going strong.

Since their first release there have been over a hundred thousand downloads of both applications and they have been featured in newspapers, magazines and some of the most popular software news sites. A big thank you to all our users for supporting the applications.

When the applications were initially launched they had a modern user interface, unique features and above all they were completely free.

There have been many similar applications released but considering ten years is a long time in this field the applications have generally survived the passing of time quite well.

An updated version of Sound Control is currently being worked on which features both bug fixes and several minor enhancements and if this release is well received an update for TICK will also be considered.

There is no estimated time of release due to me only having my spare time to work on development but if you wish to Beta test the new version of Sound Control before the general release please contact us quoting your operating system and sound card type.