Celebrating Over Twenty Five Years Of Freeware Software, Tools And Articles

New Site 2023

After many years of no posts or updates, the missing of several significant milestones and many site redesigns that were never quite finished and made public we are pleased to announce that a revamp of the site has been launched.

At the core of the new site is a resource lowering, in house developed custom content management system that will serve pages significantly faster and be much easier to keep updated than the old WordPress based design.

The new site is mobile friendly featuring a responsive design that will adjust to any screen size and is also accessed securely using https instead of http. Several pages have been combined into single posts resulting in a much easier to navigate site resulting in you able to find what you need quicker.

As the decades have passed TICK usage has significantly dwindled due to the worldwide migration away from analogue dial-up connections and to unlimited fibre based technologies.

Use of Sound Control has also reduced mainly due to the built in Windows volume applet being more feature rich resulting in lesser need for an alternative and to some degree the time and difficulty of keeping track and implementing the features required to support operating systems released over the past decade.

On a more positive note the highly popular Password Generator has not missed out on an decent update and has been completely rewritten for 2023. A graphical interface revamp and cryptographical updates being the highlights of the changes.

If you find anything that has been missed from migrating from the old site to the new please contact us with details.