How Do I Backup My Configuration?

Support Information

The application settings are stored in the registry at the following key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Really Effective. Use regedit to locate and highlight this key folder (or specific sub folder if you have more than one Really Effective application installed). Select Export Registry File from the Registry menu specifying an appropriate filename. Settings can now be recovered by double clicking on the generated file, by right clicking and selecting merge or by loading regedit and selecting Import Registry File from the Registry menu depending on your version of regedit. This procedure is only recommended for experienced computer users. If you are planning to transfer your settings to a new PC you must be running the same base platform - for example, Windows 2000 to Windows 2000 is compatible but Windows 2000 to Windows 98 is not. If you are not familiar on how to use the registry or you do not know how to backup/restore before making changes it is not recommended you follow this procedure. The TICK log files can be backed up by copying the logs folder that is found in C:\Program Files \TICK if you installed using the default settings.