Some Of The Hot Keys Or Standard Keyboards Keys Do Not Seem To Be Working Correctly?

Support Tip

If you have set-up a rogue hot key for example CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and Q to increase the volume of the main mixer but the CTRL+ALT+SHIFT dropdown has been accidentally set to NONE meaning the Q key will operate the increase volume can cause issues. This case would be easy to notice as whenever you pressed the Q key the volume would increase other hot keys are not as easy to track down. To solve this problem follow the steps below. Please note that uninstalling and reinstalling the application will reset your application settings.

  • Uninstall Sound Control. This will remove all Sound Control hot key configurations and other settings.
  • Reinstall and run Sound Control
  • Check the key(s) that were not functioning correctly now work before carrying out any configuration within Sound Control.
  • Gradually and carefully add your hot keys to Sound Control ensure that none are misconfigured.

Installing the Winamp International Packs (or using an Non English version of Winamp) may cause the Winamp hot keys to malfunction.

If you are using Sound Control for changing sound volumes from within games and if the game switches Windows "off" the hot keys cannot be processed.

When using the numerical key pad you may need to ensure that you enter the hot keys with the NUM LOCK key off.