List Of Winamp Compatible Players For Sound Control

Winamp Compatible

The media hot key functionality of Sound Control supports any Winamp compatible player and not just Winamp. A limited set of none Winamp compatible players are also supported see related posts section below.

The applications listed below support at least a limited set of functionality which should result in at least the major Next/Previous/Stop/Pause/Play/Fast Forward/Rewind keys being functional. As each compatible player supports a different feature subset other media hot key functionality have to be found by trial and error.

If you have used Sound Control with any other media players please contact us to let us know the details and they will be added to this page.


  • v5.5 - Full functionality
  • v2 / v5 - Full functionality (not officially supported)
  • v3 - Limited Functionality (not officially supported)

K-Multimedia Player (KMPlayer)

  • v2.9.3.1432 - Good functionality (some less commonly known functions not supported)