I Have Enabled The Intelligent Last Updated Option In Web Notification But It Does Not Seem To Be Doing Anything?

Support Customer

The Intelligent Last Updated option allows you to take better advantage of sites which return last updated header information. In TICK prior to v0.50 the size of the web page is calculated each time to see if an update has been carried out. With the Intelligent Last Updated option enabled if the site does not contain frames the last updated date header only will be used to calculate if a page has been updated and the page will not be downloaded to check the size. This means checking for updates is much quicker if you have many sites which support the last updated header. If the site contains frames or if the last updated header is not available the page is still downloaded so the URL's of the framed pages and the size can be found. The first time you run Web Notification the system needs to find which pages contain frames and which do not, this means you will only gain the benefit of this option after the Web Notification tool has processed the URL once to detect if frames are present or not.