How Do I Uninstall?

Support Tip

If you wish to uninstall a Really Effective product select the uninstall option from either of the following locations.

Start - Programs - Application Name - Uninstall Start - Settings - Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs

Uninstalling Sound Control will remove all related settings within the registry together with the files installed to your C:\Program Files \Sound Control folder. If you reinstall you will need to respecify your your hot key specifications and other options.

TICK stores it settings in the registry and within the C:\Program Files \TICK\Logs folder (older versions may also store files directly within the TICK folder). Uninstalling will remove corresponding settings from within the registry and files installed to your C:\Program Files \TICK folder. Any files created after you installed (for example your TICK\Logs folder containing your call log should not be removed. If you reinstall you will need to respecify you time bands and other options.

Before uninstalling or reinstalling any software you should ensure you have adequate backups of your data files, installing or uninstalling Really Effective products should be no exception to this rule.

If you have not been happy with your experience of using a Really Effective product please contact us to provide feedback.