Windows Vista Compatibility Notes


As more and more people are using Windows Vista (this post also applies in the most part to Windows 7 and probably Windows 8/10/11 also) this post will be updated with any significant problems (and resolutions) that are reported by users with this operating system.

This is not an exhaustive list and due to several fundamental changes in the Vista operating system it is expected that there may be issues especially with respect to volume adjustment and installation.

Sound Control (Up To v2.84 Beta)

Volume Adjustment

Windows Vista permits volumes to be adjusted for each application individually. When Sound Control is used the mixers displayed control the volume of sounds made by the Sound Control application and not the general system volume.

Windows Vista provides functionality to tell applications to run in compatibility mode so that new Vista functionality is disabled for specific applications resulting in Sound Control operating as if it was running in Windows 2000.

When Sound Control starts it will now run as if it was being used on a Windows 2000 machine. You may find not as many mixers are displayed but at the minimum the main master volume will be listed enabling you to assign hot keys to the main volume control.

Do You Really Want To Run Prompt

The compatibility mode changes also stop (or displays an option to tell Windows to stop) from prompting you to confirm if you really want to run Sound Control each time it is started.

Compatibility Mode

  • Install Sound Control
  • Exit Sound Control
  • Right click on the Start - Programs - Sound Control - Sound Control shortcut
  • Select Properties from the popup menu
  • Choose the Compatibility tab
  • Select Run The Program In Compatibility Mode
  • Select Windows 2000 (SP4 if available) from the dropdown menu
  • Click OK
  • Start Sound Control using the Start - Programs - Sound Control - Sound Control shortcut